Order process

Our order process is designed to free your time. Please make sure to order your custom essays with full instructions. We serve all English-speaking students.
how it works
1. Submit Instructions
Submit your instructions online through our custom essay order form. Pass on exactly what you were given by your learning institution or your teacher. The more information - the better your writer will understand what is needed to be written.
2. Preview Order and Add files
Review your order instructions and attach any additional files. Additional files are optional but sometimes students attach instructions, sources, reading materials, modules, chapters, syllabus etc...
3. Payment step
Pay for your order with PayPal or with a Credit Card. No PayPal registration is required. Feel free to pay as a guest directly with your Credit Card. Debit is accepted as well.
4. We are writing Your Paper
Once your order is fully paid for - we will review it and assign one of the best fitted writers to complete your paper.
5. Proofread and Plagiarism Check
After our writer is done writing - we check the paper for plagiarism and proofread it with our in-house proofreaders.
6. Order is sent to Your e-mail
We e-mail you a notification with a secure download link to your paper.
7. Free Revisions within 30 days!
Read through your paper. If you feel adjustments are needed - let us know. You have 30 days to request as many FREE revisions as needed.
our guarantee
To place an order with us you will need to fill out the order form, preview it and submit the billing information. After that we will assign a writer for your order who will complete it for you. We suggest you to check your e-mail from time to time just in case you will have any notifications from us regarding your order. When the paper is complete your writer will upload it and at that pint of time you will find the finished product at your e-mail. If minor revision is needed - it will be done free of charge within 30 days after the original order was uploaded.

Why choose us?

You have to understand that we are not the only online writing company on the internet. Most of the writers move from one company to another in search of better earnings and better service.
We have chosen only the best writers out there and offering good compensations in order to make YOU a returning client, a client who will recommend our service to others, a client who will link to our web site and get life time discounts in return.

How did we develop our custom essay ordering process?

For more than 10+ years we have been writing custom essays for students who seek our services. Throughout those years we have automated the ordering process to the best we can. Our goal is not only to retain our customers but also to make sure we do not bother you after your order is placed. You pay your money, place the order and then we take time to research, write, proofread it and check for plagiarism. If everything is going good - we will not contact you until the essay is finally ready. By the order deadline we will e-mail you your paper in the MS Word (editable) format. Such reliable and professional web based service as ours - is always handy when you are short on time or when you are taking more courses than you can successfully handle. Our services are recommended to full time college students who take 3+ courses per semester or to any full time university student (Undergraduate, Masters and PhD). Please address our support for any further questions or simply fill out the order form and submit your order.