Persuasive essay has different names like .argumentative. essay, .fors and againsts. essay, .pros and cons. essay, etc. Nevertheless, the name persuasive essay speaks on its own. You must present the information in the most convincing way that will persuade one goal to get readers. attention. Besides grabbing audience attention, your persuasive essay must use readers. imagination as well. This is not as easy as it seems at the first. In order to make your persuasive essay a piece of good writing, here are three simple actions you must take.

  1. Choose interesting topic;
  2. Do a lot of research;
  3. Write the essay and proofread it.

The persuasive essay writing work starts with selecting the right topic. The topic must be determined based on the type of audience that is about to read your essay. There is a saying that if you are capable of writing a good persuasive essay, it means you have really good ability to sell. If your argument looks as much attractive to the reader and they .buy. it, it means the whole essay is written in an .A+. way. So, how do you pursue the reader and where do you start? Considering your audience is actually the right or should we say the prominent way to successful persuasive essay writing. Determine your readers, then proceed with facts establishments and relevant to the readers values clarification. If you decide to prioritize or to determine the best sequence of facts, your argument will have a good laid-out structure which is beneficial on its own. The persuasive essay structure has introduction, main essay body and conclusion. The introduction must have a strong thesis of your persuasive essay. The essay body must have at least three paragraphs that possess a core of supporting facts. Finish up with logic conclusion that appears to be simple and straight forward.



  1. AIDS Tests for Pregnancy - is it required?
  2. Air Polution
  3. Abortion - what's the right choice?
  4. Adoption - pros and cons?
  5. Alcohol Abuse
  6. Animals - should scientists test products on animals?
  7. Anorexia - what are the outcomes?
  8. Athletes - should athletes make more or less money?
  9. B

  10. Bad Ecology Problems
  11. Ban to Cigarette Smoking
  12. Beauty Pageants - are they too exploitive?
  13. Bike Sharing City Program - what's the cost?
  14. Booster Seats in cars for children
  15. Boys and Girls - should they study separately?
  16. Bulimia - can it be treated?
  17. C

  18. Child Abuse
  19. Child Behavior
  20. Climate Changes - should we save the planet
  21. Competitive Side of College Admission
  22. Cosmetic Surgery - the right to be beautiful
  23. D

  24. Death Penalty
  25. Deforesting
  26. Domestic Violence
  27. Drinking and Driving Problem
  28. Drug Abuse
  29. E

  30. Economy Problems of Today
  31. Effects of Divorce - how children are affected?
  32. English - must every American learn to speak it?
  33. Expectations laid upon college athletes
  34. Euthanasia
  35. F

  36. Fashion Importance
  37. Field Trips for Kids - are they important?
  38. Fitness Activity
  39. Free Condoms at schools
  40. Fur Use - is it better to be naked?
  41. G

  42. Gambling
  43. Gay Marriages - should it be allowed?
  44. Gay Rights
  45. Genetically Modified Foods - what's the outcome?
  46. Genetics Problems
  47. Girls Cruelty - same sex hatred problem
  48. Green House Effect
  49. H

  50. Hip-Hop Lyrics
  51. Home Birth - is it a better option?
  52. Human Cloning
  53. I

  54. Ice Age - will it repeat again?
  55. Immigration Laws - should they be reinforced?
  56. Inheritance Laws
  57. Internet Pornography
  58. Invasion of Privacy problems of today
  59. J

  60. Junky Food vs. Healthy Food
  61. K

  62. Kissing in Public - should it be banned?
  63. L

  64. Larger People Problems
  65. Law Enforcement Cameras
  66. Leaders vs Managers - what's the difference?
  67. M

  68. Marijuana - should it be legal for medical use?
  69. Military - can they be allowed to recruit from schools?
  70. Milk - should we drink it?
  71. Moon - should we populate the moon?
  72. Music Lyrics - are they too violent?
  73. N

  74. Negative Effects of Media Violence
  75. Nuclear Proliferation
  76. O

  77. Older Age - should older people take driving test yearly?
  78. Opera Composers
  79. P

  80. Paparazzi
  81. Parenting Lessons - should they be obtained by the pregnant couples and families?
  82. Paternity Leave - should it be paid properly?
  83. Pets - are cats better than dogs?
  84. Psychic Abilities
  85. Public Transportation
  86. Puerto Rico as a separate state
  87. Q

  88. Quality Time for Family
  89. R

  90. Recycling
  91. Reincarnation
  92. Relationships and Age Problems
  93. Religion - does it cause war?
  94. Russians - should they burry Lenin?
  95. S

  96. SATs - should it be saved or eliminated
  97. Sexuality - what its positive and negative message?
  98. Single Parenting
  99. Sleep - are you getting enough of it?
  100. Smokers paying health tax idea
  101. Space Programs - do they cost a lot?
  102. Spam Problems
  103. Sport Programs and Public Funding
  104. T

  105. Teachers - should they take certification every 10 years?
  106. Technology - do we fully depend on it?
  107. Television Propaganda
  108. Terrorism
  109. Trash Limits in Households
  110. U

  111. Uniforms - should they be worn at schools?
  112. Uniforms - should fashion be more functional?
  113. V

  114. Video Games Violence Problem
  115. Voting Age - must it be lowered to 13
  116. W

  117. Wardrobe Malfunction - should fashion be changed?
  118. Wi-Fi - should it be accessible everywhere?
  119. Women Rights
  120. X

  121. X-Ray - can it cause problems?
  122. Y

  123. Yoga as Major Fitness Activity
  124. Z

  125. Zero - can failure set a new start?